Why WAG?

“Driving a Relational Experience

Our Firm is committed to providing our clients with a relational partner and a trusted Adviser. Using our Experience, Acumen, Team, and proven processes, we will work towards establishing WAGcpa at the forefront of relational accounting and advisory consultation.  With energy and conviction, WAGcpa will establish deep, familial connections with our clients. Our firm’s reputation reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves and the quality of service we expect to provide for our clients.

Originally know as Williams and Guined CPA, The WAGcpa firm has been entrenched in the Athens community for over 30 years.  Founder Harold Williams built the firm with a vision for establishing quality relationships with his clients while providing them with complete, high level accounting services.  With the later addition of James Guined, the firm became known for its Client Connections and quality work.

Michael Cass and Dennis Haynes are committed to honoring the foundation of the Firm’s History and continuing the relational legacy that has led to long lasting client relationships and the firms overall success.

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